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Main module

Add main module

Add a main module to your extension. The content of the main module is determined by your locationId. A specific view or a set of actions can be triggered based on the locationId.


heading: 'My App',
locationId: 'main-location-id',


headingtrueThe heading displayed in your module
locationIdtrueThe Id for the content of the module
displaySearchBarfalsetrueToggles the sw-page search bar on/off
displayLanguageSwitchfalsefalseToggles sw-page language switch on/off


Main module example

import { location, ui } from '@shopware-ag/admin-extension-sdk';

// General commands
if ( {
// Add the main module
heading: 'My App',
locationId: 'main-location-id',

// If you want to provide some buttons for the smart bar of your main module
locationId: 'main-location-id', // locationId of your main module
buttonId: 'test-button', // The button id
label: 'Click me', // The button label
variant: 'primary', // The button variant
onClickCallback: () => {}

// Render your custom view
if ('main-location-id')) {
document.body.innerHTML = '<h1 style="text-align: center">Hello from your main module</h1>';